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My cakes are made fresh and my creations are unique !!!

while I can't match my prices with walmart , costco or supermarkets . I can however offer unique custom cakes . As wel as gourmet cakes . All cakes are made upon requests as well as the filling and frosting that goes on the cake nothing is frozen .

My creations: centerpieces , party favors , invites , cards and gifts are all for sale and can be customized for you . If interested in ordering please contact me at pikkz11@ ( all orders are made in the order they are received ) Thanks!!!

The best things in life are made, not bought.

The best things in life are made, not bought.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Custom orders!!!

custom orders is what I do and enjoy doing . I enjoy seeing  the smiles and reading all the sweet comments from my customers .  I really put so much time and effort in making sure everyones order is perfect .

 With that being said I just have to get something out..... About two weeks ago I received an email from someone who wanted a custom order for baby shower invitations not only did she want invites but was also very interested in banners ,centerpieces etc..... Thank goodness all she requested at the time was shower invites. I went through so many emails with  this woman .... and created two custom designs for her to decide if she wanted to go ahead with her order .Well so I get an email that says she loves one of the designs and wishes to go ahead and order 40 of them , she is even ready and willing to go ahead and pay upfront . But being that she works with someone very close to me  I decided to wait on the payment . I went ahead and made 40 custom invites of her choice and was only waiting for word on what she wanted for text inside. All of a sudden I get the run a round ....... And she says she was not the one placing the order it was the grandmother to be, and this person is only the middle person. Not to mention I took this order on a last minute type of thing .... Never in my mind did Imagine I would get taken advantage of by someone who works with someone very close to me. But I guess there's always a first time for everything .  All I can say is you have absolutely no SHAME!!!! and you know who you are !!!

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